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Digital Freight Network: Faster Procurement and Better OTIF Deliveries

In the past few years, there has been an increasing interest in tech-driven logistics networks, aka digital freight networks. Traditionally shippers and logistics service providers have operated within a disaggregated network relying on supply-side brokers for match-making between demand and capacity. Low fulfillment rates, inefficient…

ePOD - electronic proof of delivery

ePOD – A smarter way to record proof of deliveries on-spot

Nucleus product newsletter – Edition 4 With the ever-increasing push for digitization, agility, and sustainability, digital solutions like ePOD are becoming the need of the hour for the supply chain industry. In this issue of Nucleus, we are highlighting some new features that we have added to…

Technology in vehicle procurement

How technology is helping the transportation procurement process?

According to Gartner’s “Future of Supply Chain Survey” in 2021, 60% of CSCOs are expected to make faster, more accurate, and consistent decisions in real-time. Shippers talk about transportation decisions being very critical to their business, yet they still use old, antiquated ways of transportation…


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