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Time to Upgrade your Freight Procurement Process?

Moving shipment from one place to another is a complicated process which involves multiple stakeholders coordinating with each other. Inconsistent capacity availability, fragmented supplier base, price fluctuations, inefficient administrative processes, and lack of visibility can make freight procurement difficult and time-consuming. Do you know it…

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Freight Tiger: ISO 27001 Certified

Do you know what’s the most valuable resource on the planet? The data.  Cybercrimes are expected to inflict $6 trillion worth of damages worldwide last year. Information security has become a more significant issue, with security breaches breathing fire under many companies’ noses than ever. …

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Digital Freight Network: Faster Procurement and Better OTIF Deliveries

In the past few years, there has been an increasing interest in tech-driven logistics networks, aka digital freight networks. Traditionally shippers and logistics service providers have operated within a disaggregated network relying on supply-side brokers for match-making between demand and capacity. Low fulfillment rates, inefficient…


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