Freight Tiger builds the most accurate ETA engine; helps improve customer service and internal communication

In logistics, the accuracy and reliability of the ETA provided by each link in the supply chain have operational repercussions for all subsequent links. Industrial manufacturers often struggle to provide accurate ETA across all routes. This leads to longer delivery times and companies not being able to meet standard SLAs. The lack of accuracy in ETA directly impacts the ability of their customer to plan for resources at unloading points.

What’s in this case study?

How Freight Tiger helped one of the world’s leading industrial manufacturers reduce transit time and unloading TAT with advanced ETA predictability.

18% reduction in transit time

23% in unloading TAT

11% reduction in overall transit

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Freight Tiger’s solution including defining priority timeslots, providing highly accurate ETAs helped one of the world’s leading industrial manufacturers in reducing transit time by 18%, reducing TAT at unloading points significantly, and additionally helped the customer better their resources  planning.