Freight Tiger optimizes internal networks to build efficiency and reduce freight costs.

For secondary movement of goods to retailers and distributors, FMCG companies use dedicated vehicles. Since the vehicles are leased the companies often want to increase the number of trips to improve utilization and push SKUs faster into the market.

No visibility on asset utilization, high stoppage time between trips, and no ETA for return journeys are some of the challenges that large FMCG companies face. 

Through its visibility module, Freight Tiger helped one of its customers, a leading FMCG company, increase its asset utilization resulting in an increase in the number of trips by over 22% in a short period of time.

What’s in this case study?

How Freight Tiger enhanced visibility and transparency between transporters and logistics systems for a top FMCG company resulting in an increase in the number of trips.

5% increase in asset utilisation

22% of increase in no. of trips

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With its operations team, Freight Tiger also helped reduce freight costs per trip, helped in better dispatch planning of secondary vehicles, and facilitated better transparency between transporter and logistics teams.